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High Country Explorations

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In this website you will find a unique exploration of issues, styles and strategies relating to hiking, backpacking and other forms of high country travel.  This exploration will take you far beyond most other hiking Internet blogs, "how to" manuals and websites.

I am dedicated to assisting hikers and backcountry travelers, of all kinds and Picture of Hiker on the Summitlevels of experience, in reaching their own conclusions. The insights gained will result in new and deeper levels of experiencing the high country.

For 50+ years hiking, backpacking, climbing and other outdoor pursuits have been my passion, my raison d'etre.  Years of experience and research are represented here in the form of articles, opinion pieces and reflections on a wide variety of topics. Some are one or two pages; others are in-depth explorations that include extensive use of debate and dialogue, numerous quotations from a wide range of sources, and sharing of personal experiences and conclusions. Forms and data sheets of essential information are also made available for easy download with provided links. 

I trust that you will find the information presented here informative, interesting and helpful.  I will end my welcome  to High Country Explorations with a suggestion that you start your tour of my website with a visit to the “About Site Content” page for more information on the organization of the material presented here.

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